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Standby Generators - Whole house or select circuit

Why would you want a generator as a source of backup?

Do you want to be without power for an extended time period?

No lights, refrigerator outage that lets food thaw and rot and water literally right under your feet, but a pump that cannot get you water to drink or flush with. No furnace for heat, no microwave for food, not even a DVR to curl up and watch.
If you are a caregiver or patient, how is it to be without power?

Do the math in the inconvenience of what it would cost to stay with someone else or replace your food or the danger of candles all over the house with children.

Go on vacation and never worry.

Go on your business trip and never worry about family not having power to function with their daily necessities.

*Required by the National Electrical Code (NEC) for all portable generators used for backup power, a transfer switch prevents dangerous backfeeding onto utility lines by isolating the circuits using generator power from the rest of the house.

Do you have your standby generator or generator transfer switch panel as of yet? The past two storms should let us know to have at least the basics to get by when there is a power outage. Do not get caught in the dark or in the cold again.

Protect your food from spoiling, water in your finished basement because of the sump pump not working, frozen pipes or no computer or TV use, lack of water from the pump and especially heat this winter.

Be wise and plan ahead. This area has been hit very hard twice so far. Now is the time to care for the family ahead of time and not spend more money or stand in line to get this done at the last minute. Let us help.

With all the demand now, it may take up to five weeks to get some of these specialty transfer switches and generators.

Do not delay, order yours today!